Scope of Practice

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Dr. Sellwood works with adults, adolescents, children, and families, utilizing evidence based interventions, such as cognitive behavioral and systems theories to help achieve treatment goals.  Topics frequently addressed with younger clients include acting out, anger, anxiety, boundaries, depression, family problems, electronic addictions, obsessive compulsiveness, and social/peer relational problems.

Dr. Sellwood provides individual psychotherapy for adults struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, and other life situations that cause conflict and distress.  Her understanding of human interactions and knowledge of how individuals function within dynamic systems allows for effective and powerful interventions.  She helps with the reorganization of problems into the development of understanding through effective communication, problem-solving techniques, learning new coping skills, and understanding the triad of thoughts, feelings, and actions, as they relate to one's belief system and historical narrative. 

Dr. Sellwood has garnered respect in her years of working with families who are going through high-conflict divorce.  She mediates custody and child rearing philosophy disputes, helps parents comply with court-ordered parenting plans, provides education about children’s developmental and psychological needs, and helps mitigate conflict. 

She regularly collaborates with a variety of professionals, including: attorneys, pediatricians, psychiatrists, and teachers.  Dr. Sellwood also provides mentoring  and gives educational, in service talks on a variety of subjects related to the vast field of psychology.